Soft X-ray Charger HTC XRC-05

Small light weight self contained particle generation system


The XRC-05 is a Bipolar charger that provides Soft X-ray’s instead of a radioactive source such as Am241 (Americium-241), Kr85 (Krypton-85), Po210 (Polonium-210).

Soft X-rays are easily absorbed even by a thin layer of air and has low permeability. The energy of Soft X-ray is approximately 1/3,000 lower than X-ray and is absorbed by the surrounding air.

Other radioactive materials such as Am241, Kr85 and Po210 adversely affect human health and the surrounding environment and require close supervision and less strict licensing policies. Soft X-rays have been widely used for anti-static applications. The XRC-05 is safe, easy to use and requiring minimum maintenance and is easy to import for us in scientific applications such aerosol research.


  • Easy to Operate, Safe and Simple
  • No particles, electromagnetic waves or ozone generation
  • Environmentally safe non radioactive source
  • Very Low maintenance
  • Compressed air is not required
  • Imbedded Controller: Reduces transportation restrictions and simplifies handling


  • Particle charger for SMPS measurements
  • Particle charging and mobility studies
  • Particle generation

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