HV-7010 High Voltage Source

Precise and low noise, high voltage unipolar/bipolar DC sources


HV-7010 allows the user to provide a precise value of High voltage to the experimental set up. Applying controlled High Voltage to DMAs, to homemade corona chargers or to homemade electrospray are some applications in Aerosol Science. Specific software allows programmable changing of the HV from a PC. Class I instrument according to the EN 61010-1:2001 safety standard.


  • Polarity reversed by the user from configuration menu
  • Remote control: Analogue signal-Ethernet
  • Large display for clear and easy voltage setting and monitoring
  • 1V resolution and a ripple level of 0.001%pp


  • Mass Spectrometry (MS)
  • Electron Beams
  • Focused Ion Beam (FIB)
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM).
  • Lithography

Product info

Max. output voltaje (kV)2013610152030
Max. output current  (mA)
Max. ripple (Vpp)
Max. output error (%)±0.50±2±2±2±2±2±2±2
Voltageresolution (V)
Power output resolution (uA)0.01110.
Power output error (%)±1±1±1±1±1±1±1±1
Charge regulation from 0 to 100% (V)±4±0.1±0.3±0.6±1±1.5±2±3
Stability, after ½ Hr warm up (%/Hr)
Temperaturecoeficient (%/ºC)0.0050.0080.0080.0080.0080.0080.0080.008
Storage temp. range (ºC)-40 a 85-20 a 60-20 a 60-20 a 60-20 a 60-20 a 60-20 a 60-20 a 60

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