EL-5010 Electrometer

Electrometer for femtoampere measurement


IONER EL-5010 Electrometer is an all-purpose femtoammeter, this instrument can measure currents from 1fA to 10pA. The preamplifier is placed in a Faraday cage near the sampling point in order to decrease the electrical noise, this stage is connected to the control stage through a 1 meter shielded cable. The electrometer is fully programmable through Ethernet interface.


  • Current measurements in a 4-decade range from 0.1fA. Other ranges are available on demand.
  • RS485 and USB digital communications
  • Fully programmable through Ethernet interface
  • Data acquisition software and Labview® drivers included
  • Alphanumeric display provides continuous real time display of current (fA)


  • Electrical measurements
  • Detection of current leakages
  • Electrochemistry
  • Ion detection
  • Atmospheric electricity
  • Measurement of resistivity

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