Personal Dust Monitor

Portable Fine Dust Monitoring Unit


· Fine dust measuring methodology (PM10 – PM2,5 – PM1)

· Inhalable – Thoracic

· Respirable Particle count distribution for “Laser-Scattering” instruments

The PersonalDustMonit unit is an instrument for measuring and registering in continuation particles present in the air. Laser scattering is the method used by PersonalDustMonit for measuring the particles that make up the atmospheric particulate and class them based on their dimensions. Laser scattering allows immediate and continuous measurement of fine particles present in the air both with respect to their number, their dimensions and their concentration in µg/m3.
The compactness, the reduced dimensions, the lightness and its long lasting autonomous supply make this instrument easy to use.


  • Very reliable
  • Simple to use, solid and light
  • Possibility of storing all measurements carried out
  • Possibility of downloading data measured for suitable uses
  • Internally battery powered and 220V 50Hz
  • Insensitive to vibrations and external collisions
  • Long term calibration stability
  • Low maintenance
  • No radioactivity source
  • Possibility to operate outside


  • particles inhaled by a person during any day or part of it
  • It is possible to obtain both the measurement of the concentrations of the fine particulate where the person has been and has worked through the day and the measurement of the number of the particles (total or divided in particle classes) that the individual has inhaled with the contemporary specification of time and place where the measured particles were inhaled
  • Mapping an area with respect to the concentration of the atmospheric particulate
  • Immediate measurement of the concentration of dusts present in a specific location both urban and industrial
  • Controlling and checking the forecast modeling of the concentrations of the particulate in the atmosphere
  • Valuating the environmental safety degree with respect to the particulate of a moving individual in a working area
  • Valuating the environmental safety degree with respect to the particulate of a moving individual in a working area

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