IONER is part of RAMEM S.A. a design and engineering firm that develops prototypes in many industrial sectors, including aeronautics, aerospace and scientic and technological prototypes.

RAMEM can collaborate in increasing the TRL level of your developments approaching the final product ready to launch in the market. In RAMEM we are able to offer a complete bunch of services according to the needs of the technology: from design, calculations, engineering, mechanical and electronic developments and testing

Some of our prototyping developments have been made for clients as renamed as : ESRF, RAL, ALBA, GRATECAN, E-ELT, INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION, MARS SCIENCE LABORATORY.

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RAMEM has broad experience in CAD-CAM design of sophisticated developments with highly technical requirements.

RAMEM´s experience with the most advanced manufacturing techniques, including the 3D or additive manufacturing allow different approaches in the optimal design for ulterior manufacturing of the prototypes with the optimal performances.

Some design examples:

Manufacturing and Assembly

RAMEM has more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing for several sectors. Its innovation vocation has made RAMEM to be situated as one of the companies using the most cutting edge technologies in manufacturing such as additive manufacturing for metal manufacturing or Electro Discharge Machining.

Extensive experience in Manufacturing Engineering. Machining of titanium alloys, nickel based alloys, INVAR, stainless steels, technical polymers, etc.

CAD-CAM, lathing, turning, milling, grinding, electro discharge machining (EDM)

TIG, MIG-MAG, laser beam

Electronic Developments

RAMEM can provide the electronic to meet the technical requirement of the prototype, together with a user friendly interface. Embedded computers and personalized electronics are usually the optimal combination for prototypes when ulterior development is prone to be expected. RAMEM´s capabilities are:

  • Electronic design
  • Electronic development
  • Software development
  • Test and calibrations

Testing and Research Colaboration

RAMEM can provide many generalist tests to ensure the achievement of the specified technical requirements like:

  • Dimensional control and inspection
  • Non-destructive Testing, Penetrant Liquids, Mechanical Testing
  • Load tests
  • High voltage isolation
  • Leakage and Vacuum tests

Additionally, RAMEM can be part of your Research team by developing Research projects aiming the positioning of your technology in high TRL levels.

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