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Aerosol generators for nanoparticle liquid dispersions, (electrospray and nebulizer), and chargers for existing aerosols based on diffusion charging with a corona charger.

IONER offers high performance Differential Mobility Analizers (DMA) for particle sizing from stand-alone DMA to Scanning Nanoparticle Spectrometers (SNPS) at very competitive price.

IONER develops its own line of electrometers and can be customized. Aerosol electrometer and ultra-low current detection electrometers also at high voltage are included.

IONER offers reputed instruments for counting particles: Condensation Particle Counter (CPC), Optical Counters and Handheld Diffusion Size Classifier (DISCmini) for nanoparticle measurement.

IONER distributes Instruments for continuous particle monitoring in the air (PM10-PM2,5-PM1) using the laser scattering method. Also Dust Monitor for personal exposure to nanoparticle aerosols.

The HCT device collects of aerosol nanoparticles into liquid samples for further chemical analysis. It is a portable sampler with an autonomy  of up to 12 hours indicated in clean manufacturing.

Controlled high voltage source and instrument to generate a controlled flow rate. Versatile instruments for a broad range of applications, including basic aerosol and nanotechnology research.