EL-5020 Wireless Electrometer

Compact Electrometer



  • Current measurements in a 4-decade range from 0.1fA. Other ranges are available on demand.
  • PC-controlled, with an option of a console for manual interface
  • Battery-powered (8 working hours)
  • Communication through Zig-Bee protocol which enables for a range of 1 km
  • Data acquisition software and Labview® drivers included


  • Ions and charged aerosols in electric field in the atmosphere
  • Electrospray and electrospinning monitoring
  • Ions in vacuum
  • Electrical measurements with difficult accessibility or where in situ monitoring is not needed

Product info

Model Console +/- 13V bias
EL-5021 Yes
EL-5025 Yes
EL-5026 Yes Tes


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