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Size determination of nanoparticles in the smallest range is challenging. IONER´s High Resolution DMA provides size distribution of nanoparticles bellow 5nm with resolution of 2%. Optimized transmission provides high sensibility.

IONER has developed particle chargers, DMAs, particle detectors and other accessories to improve the measurement experience of aerosol and nanoparticles laboratories.

Instrument with minimum losses and maximum transmission and resolution to study the nucleation of the aerosols with an optical counter for the smallest particles as detector of particle formation.

Nanoparticle contained in dispersions  can be deposited onto surfaces with minimum aggregation. Coating of surfaces, sample preparation for Electron microscopy are some of the applications.

HFDMA is able to size select nanoparticles of desired size with high throughput. The  highest operating flow rates for DMAs in the market will select monodisperse nanoparticles and high yield.

IONER is partner of several FP7 consortiums developing instruments and prototypes on aerosol and nanoparticle science. IONER has led research projects for SMEs


  • Detection of chemical species and analysis of ultra-small nanoparticles
  • High sensitivity and resolution.
  • Better performance than analogous technology (IMS)
  • Pre-industrial prototype

Areas to apply the technique in R&D programs

  • Security & safety
  •  Environment
  • Agro-food
  • Health
  • Aerosol nucleation
  • Nanoparticles analysis


Adaptation to market with related applications

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