RAMEM, Spanish SME founded in 1958, is a company with more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing for several sectors. We are dedicated to the design, development and supply turnkey solutions and prototyping for Science Industry and Scientific developments for applications.

Its innovation vocation has made RAMEM to be situated as one of the companies using the most cutting edge technologies in engineering and innovative manufacturing capabilities centered in Electrical Discharge Machining and Hybrid Manufacturing for aeronautical and aerospace sector. Read more.

The RAMEM R&D department, through its European trademark IONER, generates in-house technology with international patents, scientific publications, conferences and congresses. Read more

The technology developed by IONER is based on Differential Mobility Analysis (DMA), consisting on the study of the mobility of particles when they are placed on a current field. Read more.

We offer a complete line of equipment on the field of Aerosol and Volatile Detection Technology, to classify and detect ions, volatiles, nanometric and sub micrometric particles. Discover our products.

These equipments are commercialized in more than 15 different countries with a distributor network covering Europe, North America and Asia.

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