IONER® is the registered brand under which RAMEM has included his range of equipment in the field of Aerosol and Volatile Detection Technology.

Since 2000 RAMEM has been working to develop and manufacture equipment and technology to classify and detect ions, volatiles, nanometric and sub micrometric particles. In addition, we have the capacity take part in different projects of research and development


The RAMEM  R&D department, through its European trademark IONER, generates in-house technology with international patents, scientific publications, conferences and congresses.
RAMEM participates in the most important national and European projects with recognized research centers and universities.


RAMEM can collaborate in increasing the TRL level of your developments approaching the final product ready to launch in the market. In RAMEM we are able to offer a complete bunch of services according to the needs of the technology: from design, calculations, engineering, mechanical and electronic developments and testing

Aerosol Technology

IONER® counts with a full line of instruments for the generation, charging, classification and detection of aerosols. The core of his technology is Differential Mobility Analysis (DMA) in planar geometry, a technology that has been protected under 4 international patents.

Looking for distributors

Ramem is currently looking for distributors of its IONER® instruments in Europe, America and Asia. Our instruments for nanoparticle, aerosol and volatile technologies are highly differentiated from existing commercial instruments, certified by independent organisations and have tight prices

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